Useful Resources

                Daniel Bowen
                             Advanced High Altitude Balloon Project Consulting

Atmosphere properties calculator: Choose altitude and display Temp, Pressure, Density, Speed of Sound

Balloon Flight Calculations: Burst altitude calculator, Flight Path Predictor, and Live Flight Tracker

3D Parts Design/Gossamer Structure Design an Fabrication

Gotham Machine - I advise projects together with this shop to bring you balloon-optimized 3D printed parts, gossamer carbon fiber structures, tensegrity structures, actuator assemblies, assembly jigs, and more.  

Long Duration Balloon Manufacturers:

Near Space Corporation

Raven Aerostar

Global Western

Zodiac Aerospace International

TIFR Balloon Facility


Custom Electronics:

    Iridium Satellite Trackers by WB8ELK 

Email to inquire about ordering. Custom options available, including standalone flight-ready tracker or modular Iridium 9602 modem PCB with SMA antenna

    Cutdown (rope cutter) devices by WA4ADG

          Email to inquire about ordering.  Triggers include: Timer, Altitude, GPS location, Direct serial command.