Daniel Bowen
                      Advanced High Altitude Balloon Project Consulting


White Star Balloons
Project Manager and Expert Consultant to White Star Long Duration Balloon Project from 2010 to 2012

- Led extensive 40+ person multi-nation team constructing highly complex flight and ground control systems

- Designed and tested indoor flying replica of ZP balloon system, polyethylene balloon thermal patching procedures, integration of Orbcomm & Iridium satellite comm systems

- Conducted scientific experiments and simulations on the ground to maximize flight results

- Tested mechanical parts and industrial-rated electronics to -60°C before certifying flight ready

- Constructed environmental test chamber, temperature controlled down to -60°C for 24 hour long tests

- Precision altitude hold and ballast rate calculations tested and refined

- Designed and tested many iterations of mechanical balloon vent valves and ballast systems



Spirit of Knoxville

Project Manager UTARC and Spirit of Knoxville High Altitude Balloon Programs from 2005 to 2008

- Far surpassed all other amateur small balloons on record, autonomously flew 3300 miles in 40 hours 

- Directed many small teams in concert: electronic hardware, flight computer software, balloon construction, recovery, public relations, server applications, artwork/web design, volunteer coordination, launch crew

- Managed technical operations for over 35 flights of latex and constant-altitude balloons

- Focused on safe operations with voluntary notifications of major flights to FAA ATC and ARTCC

- Designed goals for each flight to test and refine individual subsystems for long duration flight

- Refined altitude control system using alcohol for ballast

- Created and executed a plan to ensure reliability and minimize unknown variables on each flight

- Pioneered custom software enabling live streaming data from 200 volunteer-operated shortwave telemetry receiver stations

- Designed missions utilizing the entire weight range of the exempt category of FAR Part 101 standards, from 0.5lb to 12lb

Spaceport Indiana

- Member of advisory board of directors

- Designed balloon launch safety operations program

- Supervise occasional launch activities